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Regional Pizza’s

Ten vintages of expressive, award-winning wines and finally, a venue to match.

Idiom’s Regional Pizzas are an expression of Italian & South African Origin

Simply Italy (V)- mega-margherita with hearty toppings of tomato, mozzarella & fresh basil.

Veneto– Prosciutto, small cherry tomatoes and freshly grated parmesan.

Toscana- Portabellini Mushroom, caramelized onions and Wild Boar Salami

Puglia (V)- Burrata, red onion, sweet red peppers, with fresh rocket and balsamic pearls

Campania– Sundried Tomato, salami Napoli, chilli, black olives

Sicilia– Courgette, toasted pine-nuts, gremolata, feta and anchovies

Cape– Chutney base, smoked ostrich carpaccio, mushrooms and prickly pear syrup

Da Capo– Pork Belly, fermented Garlic and Pepperdew