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The Idiom Collection is committed to uncovering excellence in manufacturing partners, and selecting the best local tanneries and sustainable solutions across the supply chain.

Passionate about Southern Africa’s rich heritage and long-standing craft traditions, Silvana Bottega is tapping into the country’s natural reserves to create something authentic and relevant. She notes, “There is a growing appreciation for the finer things in life in Africa and with that is a heightened understanding of history, provenance and authentic excellence.”

At a young age the Cape Town native formed an understanding of beauty. She studied Graphic Design at Ogilvy’s training firm Red & Yellow and pursuing an undergraduate in History of Art & English at the University of Cape Town. Additionally she has a masters in European Politics & Policy focused on the Branding of Nations. As a passion project, she supported the development of the Southern Africa Luxury Association which champions the Africa Luxury Summit in partnership with Pernod Ricard and the Financial Times.

Silvana has a fundamental belief in collaboration and development of artisans in SA and on the African continent.

Bottega holds a unique position at the epicenter of various luxury manufacturers and has built up relationships with each, directly understanding their skills. Supervisory process managed with exhaustive quality controls in the production line at anyone who produces for Idiom Collection.

She is committed to working with Africa-based production & creative partners who execute her vision with precision. These partners are renowned for excellence in their field in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, and her suppliers are master craftsmen who have years of experience in exotic skins, understanding the nuances of the rare and expensive leather. They also have an inherent understanding of fine detailing – top stitching and silent sealing which enhance a luxury finish.



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