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The Bottega family are proud of their Italian heritage and are active participants in the Italian community in South Africa. Their decision to plant Italian varietals as part of their diversified portfolio of grapes, and actively promote these grape varietals in South Africa, is a celebration of this heritage.


Alberto Bottega was born in Milan, Italy in 1942. After spending his childhood in the Friuli region of north-east Italy surrounded by vines, Alberto emigrated with his parents and sister, Mirka, to Cape Town in 1950. He met his wife Valerie in 1960 and together they have three children. In his youth, Alberto was a talented amateur footballer as well as a skilled mathematician. In his late twenties, he graduated from the University of Cape Town with a PhD in Nuclear Physics. He then lived and worked for thirty years in Johannesburg with a career spanning scientific research, consulting and finance. He helped initiate the Futures Market in South Africa and was a principal player in the Fund Management industry. In 1998, he returned to the Cape where he started his retirement project of wine farming - an adventure that has reinforced his scientific and experimental roots.


Born in Johannesburg in 1970. Business science degree from UCT. Worked in the financial markets in London & Johannesburg. Shares a passion for sport with his father. He is married to Sian and has three children. Roberto promotes the wine portfolio globally and has championed the development of the Idiom Tasting Room & Restaurant with his father.


Born in the Strand in 1943 and grew up in Somerset West. Married Alberto in 1968. History of Art degree from Wits while raising a son and two daughters. Excellent cook, the homebuilder in the family and controller of the budget.


Born in Johannesburg in 1975. Degree in English and Politics from UCT. Worked in London and New York in a career spanning journalism through to finance. Currently a Managing Director of a US Asset Management house. She is married to Alex and has three children. Contributes editorial and common sense to the family business.


Born in Johannesburg in 1977. Diploma in advertising & trilingual masters degree in European politics from Bath University. Worked in London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing in brand management. Her experience in the luxury sector has seen her found various initiatives to grow the South African luxury and artisan industry and expand the Idiom Collection into perfume, leather and jewellery. The key designer and custodian of brand activities.