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Exotic Leather

Experience 'la dolce vita'. The Idiom Collection presents a selection of handcrafted luxury products that are beautifully made from sustainably sourced, exotic and rare leathers.

Crocodile, ostrich quill, lizard and other exotic skins, alongside the softest of calfskin & buffalo, complete a collection of the finest quality accessories. Careful selection, sophisticated styling and hand stitching result in a range that is elegant, durable and timeless. 


Detailed attention is placed on the functionality of the range that is manufactured to global standards of luxury artisan excellence. The leather is obtained from manufacturers working with tanneries adhering to the regulations of the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species.


Natural hide is also celebrated. A limited edition of blesbok and springbok pieces complement the more traditional exotics. These gazelle are endemic to Southern Africa and live free range, thereby naturally have an element of the unexpected, a true sign of authentic luxury.


Working with a local team that inherently understands the idea of haute de gamme, the Idiom Collection interprets the extraordinary natural beauty that inspires and continually attracts those in the know to South Africa. These include the verdant hills of Da Capo in Stellenbosch, as well as the dry plains of the Kalahari, the luscious forests of the Tsitsikamma and the soaring mountains of the Swartberg.