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Sensory Science

The inspiration used for the perfume was the IDIOM Cape Blend, which is a fragrant blend made with South Africa’s own unique varietal, Pinotage.

Inspiration – The Seductive Idiom Cape Blend


Frazer has created a seductive aroma that does not use the wine directly but actively extracts the positive essence of the IDIOM Cape Blend wine: in this case the hints of rose petals, splashes of ripe berries, light vanilla and smokey nature of the barrels, retaining the sensual earthy character and a solid backbone.

Typical of a good Cape Blend, there is a hint of caramel on the nose, and a bit of fynbos, leaving one with positive, lingering gourmand notes. Alberto Bottega spoke of the blend that inspired this collectors item, “The IDIOM Cape Blend reflects the Cape terroir but rather than the rough South African veld, it is like the gentle slopes of our Helderburg vineyards. It is a smooth rich wine made from the Cape’s own grape Pinotage, blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. In the 2006 vintage, there was also a small amount of Petit Verdot added. It is opulent and long lingering, with abundant aromas of deep red cherry fruit, sweet caramel and fragrant cigar smoke.”

The perfume is infused with a sense of origin and directly captures the hardy terroir of the farm where the grapes are grown. True to the South African vineyard and maquis, particular attention has been paid to infuse the scent of the wildflower and fynbos that is found near the vines of Da Capo Vineyards that is truly South African. In creating the perfume, Frazer also paid attention to provenance of the Bottega family by using Bergamot from Italy to also evoke the heritage of the owner who was originally born in Northern Italy but moved to South Africa at a young age. Bottega notes, “Idiom is well known for its big, bold blends which have already won numerous accolades and are listed in top restaurants across the country; the Cape Blend is something truly exceptional and uniquely South African and we wished to create a perfume that would compliment and capture the nature of Idiom and particularly this wine.”