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The collaboration with Frazer Parfum explores the aroma spectrum in wine to identify Idiom’s distinctive floral character and has expanded beyond the award-winning liquid Idiom Cape Blend to include two unique solid perfume scents, the Idiom Zinfandel and the Idiom Viognier.

The highly aromatic Idiom Collection of wines has partnered with a boutique perfume house, Frazer Parfum, to create the first bespoke, wine-inspired scent in South Africa. One of the first of its kind in the world, the exclusive maison known for its wines has pushed the boundary of sensory exploration with the release of a limited edition pure perfume: the Idiom Parfum du Vin.

The bottles are hand-blown by a renowned South Africa glassblower, David Reade, who has used the deep purple, burgundian hue of the Idiom wine, to reflect the vinous nature of the contents. The form of the perfume vessel echoes in part the shape of the elegant Idiom wine bottle and the stature of the quality of the wine itself. The liquid scent is brought to life through the alchemy of Tammy Frazer, who is the grandchild of the founder of Oil of Olay, alongside daughter of the proprietor of the vineyards, Silvana Bottega, to create a unique and seductive night-time fragrance that is wine-inspired and is handcrafted to appeal to the hedonistic senses.

The inspiration used for the perfume was particularly the Idiom Cape Blend, which is a fragrant blend made with South Africa’s own varietal, Pinotage. Frazer and Bottega mapped the wine’s floral accords and created a seductive aroma that actively extracts the positive aromas around the Cape Blend wine: in this case the hints of rose de Mai petals, bergamot, everlasting immortelle flowers, jasmin, splashes of ripe berries, light bourbon vanilla and smokey nature of the barrels, retaining the sensual earthy character and a solid backbone. Typical of a good Cape Blend, there is a hint of caramel on the nose, and a bit of fynbos (patchouli), leaving one with positive, lingering notes.